PondIn 1947, the City of Sparta was approached with an offer to purchase a Golf Course that was located along the south side of Perch Lake. After some debate, the City Council decided to buy the Golf Course and Clubhouse for the remainder of the debt on the Golf Course’s tractor. The tractor was bought the year before and was used to pull the mowers for the golf course. Even though Golf was considered a rich man’s sport back then, the Council felt that its purchase was in the best interest of the City, so for the remaining tractor debt of $592.25 the City bought the Golf Course. The City operated the then 9-hole Golf Course and Clubhouse that was located just south of #5 tee until 1982.


Then in 1982, on adjoining land that was once the home of the Wisconsin State Child Center; the course was expanded to 18 holes. With mostly donated money and labor a new Clubhouse was built between the #9 and the #18 greens. The Clubhouse overlooks most of the Golf Course with equally impressive views in every direction. Over the years the City with the help of the Men’s and Women’s Associations along with many volunteers have given their hearts and souls to keep the course the most beautiful in the area.


The Course has matured wonderfully since being built and is both challenging and a pleasure to play.  We invite you to come out and visit us. Whether it’s to play or to simply enjoy a quiet lunch, we’re sure you’ll agree that this Golf Course is one best kept secret’s in west central Wisconsin.